Sustainability Report

Environmental Performance

Environment Conservation

KenGen has a responsibility to harness natural resources in a sustainable manner. The Company actively contributed to environmental programs aimed at conserving catchment areas. Efforts of greening and conserving the environment continued in various counties that host the Company’s installations.


A major environmental programme aimed at conserving nature that enrols primary schools in a tree planting competition continued to register progress. Known as the Green Initiative Challenge (GIC), the competition is aimed at promoting sustainable use of resources and encouraging schools to come up with innovative ways of conserving the environment. The programme is intended to encourage environmental consciousness and conservation among school children right from an early age as a means to ensuring a sustained conservation action. Schools with the highest survival rate will be rewarded. To qualify, schools must have a designated plot of not less than a quarter of an acre set aside for tree planting. A total of 300 seedlings are supplied to the participating schools.

During the year, the program successfully engaged over 80 schools around the Eastern Hydros Operational Area.

 Participants developed small forests and woodlots in their school compounds. The tree species provided for the Eastern Hydros project were Cassia siamea and Melia volkensii, considered suitable for the dry, hot climate. A total of 24,584 seedlings were distributed among the competing schools for nurturing as they compete for prizes with wins based on growth rate, effort, innovation and creativity.

Following the overwhelming success of the GIC Pilot Phase

1, KenGen is now at an advanced stage of launching Phase 2 of an expanded GIC program with like-minded partners including Bamburi Cement and Better Globe Forestry, a not-for-profit organization. The project will be replicated in other areas of operation in KenGen starting with Olkaria and Sondu Miriu. The expansion targets the greening of a total 460 acres with 324,300 tree seedlings as well as 113,956 passion and pawpaw seedlings on approximately 460acres. The overall GIC program, which is spread over the next eight years, will target more than 900 schools.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

(ESIA) Studies

KenGen continues to mitigate its environmental and social impacts by undertaking Environmental and social impact assessments for all its new projects. ESIA studies were done for Olkaria I Unit 6, Olkaria V and Olkaria I rehabilitation projects and licences received from the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) is aimed at providing a high-level of environmental protection and promoting environmentaly sustainable development by integrating environmental concerns into specific plans and programmes. KenGen undertook the first ever SEA in Kenya.

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